Indian Girl Names Having Meaning Moon

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aadhira Lightning, Strong, The Moon; Moon girl 68
Aarupa Without the limitations of form, Divine, Moon faced, Goddess Lakshmi girl 76
Aazhimathi Moon on the ocean girl 97
Adira Lightning, Strong, The Moon girl 84
Amariss Child of the moon girl 89
Ambily The Moon girl 96
Amritrashmi Moon light girl 86
Arulnila Grace like moon girl 89
Arupa Without the limitations of form, Divine, Moon faced, Goddess Lakshmi girl 56
Aurima Bright Like Moon girl 93
Ayda In the moon girl 68
Aylin Moon Halo; Circle of cristalic light around the moon girl 90
Badra Full moon girl 51
Badriya Resembling full moon girl 82
Badriyah Resembling the full Moon girl 89
Badriyyah Resembling the full moon girl 85
Badrun Nisa Full Moon of the women girl 57
Baisakhi The day of the full Moon in the month of vaishakh girl 77
Banumathi Singing moon girl 71
Bimba Image, Reflection, Also referred to as the disk of brightness surrounding the Sun, Moon girl 65
Boornaya Refer to the full moon girl 54
Budur Full Moon girl 55
Cendy Moon girl 69
Chadrima Simple and beautiful like the moon girl 90
Chairavali full moon of Chaitra month girl 58
Chanda moon girl 73
Chandaa Moon female girl 54
Chandhini Moon light or a river, Star girl 53
Chandhraka The Moon girl 67
Chandialekya Ray of moon girl 84
Chandini Moon girl 72
Chandni A river, Moon light girl 80
Chandni; Chandini; Chandani Moon light; A river girl 91
Chandra priya A person who admire moon girl 59
Chandra Vadana The Moon girl 50
Chandra; Chandira Moon girl 97
Chandrabindu Crescent Moon girl 94
Chandraja Daughter of the Moon girl 55
Chandrajyothi Moon light girl 78
Chandrakali who is like crescent moon girl 66
Chandrakanta wife of the moon (night) girl 55
Chandrakantha The Moon, Moon stone, Consort of the Moon girl 87
Chandralekha ray of moon girl 50
Chandraleksha A Ray of the Moon girl 83
Chandramaa The Moon girl 69
Chandramathi As beautiful as the Moon girl 78
Chandramukhi one with a moon like face girl 93
Chandrani Consort of the Moon (Wife of the Moon) girl 85
Chandrapushpa moon flower girl 55
Chandratara The Moon and the stars conjoined girl 53