Indian Boy Names Starting With Q

Name Meaning Gender đŸ’“Popular
Qaabil Able; Capable boy 61
Qaabiz It means the special one among the ninety boy 73
Qaadir Able; Powerful boy 59
Qaanit Satisfied; Contented; Obedient; Submissive; Humble boy 51
Qabeel Able boy 79
Qabid One boy who is blessed by Allah boy 90
Qabil Able; Capable boy 83
Qadair   boy 62
Qadar Divine destiny; Powerful boy 66
Qadarat A lover of nature boy 60
Qadeer Able; Powerful boy 82
Qadhi He who judges situations with justice boy 53
Qadi He who can judge the life boy 80
Qadim Ancient boy 62
Qadir Capable boy 60
Qahhar A dominant person and stringent follower of Allah boy 54
Qahir One who conquers victoriously boy 67
Qahtan  A traditional tribe in Arabia boy 90
Qaid One who can command his men boy 78
Qaim Rising; Standing; Existing boy 69
Qaimaq The bestower of goodness boy 70
Qais He who is firm boy 95
Qaisar Another form of Caesar boy 52
Qajeer Gul A lovable person who cares for his children boy 73
Qalam One who carves beautifully with a pen boy 53
Qalandar He who lives alone boy 65
Qamar Being like a moon boy 60
Qamaruddin Moon of the religion (Islam) boy 56
Qamirah He who is shining like moonlight boy 81
Qammar It resembles the qualities of the lunar month boy 97
Qamrun As calm like a moon boy 56
Qanaya The blacksmith who works hard boy 61
Qani Content; Satisfied boy 69
Qanit  Obedient and  Humble man boy 68
Qara A cute like a little cloud unisex 89
Qaraja Living under the power of Allah boy 72
Qarar Promise; Comfort; Succour boy 74
Qareeb One who near to God boy 51
Qarin One who is impatient like the Sea boy 62
Qarun A man rich in his soul boy 55
Qasam The person who takes oath in life unisex 67
Qaseem He who divides justly boy 84
Qasid Messenger of God boy 96
Qasidul Haq He who spreads the world of Allah boy 95
Qasif Discover boy 90
Qasim Divider, distributor boy 66
Qatadah A hardwood tree boy 69
Qatawah A companion boy 60
Qateel He who sacrifices his life for Allah boy 94
Qawee The powerful follower of Allah boy 59