Indian Boy Names Starting With X

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Xagan Cross over water; Ford worldly cares boy 83
Xagar Pass through worldly cares boy 50
Xamak One who shines brightly boy 72
Xamza Tiger boy 77
Xanda Insignia boy 60
Xander Defending men unisex 74
Xankar Blessing of the God; Another variant of the name Shankar. boy 51
Xantheus One who is wise boy 61
Xavia New house unisex 77
Xaviar New house boy 53
Xavier New house boy 84
Xavior New house boy 89
Xaviour One who saves; Another name of Jesus Christ boy 58
Xeavi A new beginning boy 64
Xemjeet Topper boy 76
Xenon He who is a new comer boy 92
Xenos One who is a newcomer boy 58
Xerxes Chief boy 94
Xetrapati One who governs;Leader of the people boy 62
Xhifzul Family; Friends; Good Luck boy 99
Xhim He who is kind and soft-hearted boy 71
Xhiva One who is compassionate and full of life. Another version of Lord Shiva popular in Assam.  boy 67
Ximeno A good-natured heir boy 95
Xoese One who has great belief unisex 56
Xurxo One who sows and reaps boy 61
Xylon Woods boy 91
Xzavier New house boy 69