Indian Girl Names Starting With Q

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Qabalah Responsibility girl 92
Qabila Able; Wise girl 92
Qabilah One who accept life peacefully girl 60
Qabita A traditional name given to Egyptian women girl 80
Qacha This denotes a flank girl 86
Qadesa The sacred one girl 82
Qadira Capable girl 90
Qadr Fate; Destiny girl 66
Qadriyah To believe in God's will girl 79
Qadriyyah Strong girl 69
Qahira The lady who is victorious in all her attempts  girl 72
Qaifa Estimator girl 81
Qailah One who expresses her thoughts about Prophet Mohammed girl 82
Qaima Bestowed girl 71
Qaiser Caesar; Emperor; King girl 81
Qamar Jahan The lover of the world girl 84
Qamari Moon-like girl 93
Qamarun Nisa The power of a woman girl 74
Qamayr She who speaks about Hadith girl 58
Qameer Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda, daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith who quoted Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A) girl 99
Qamra The lady who is bright like the moon girl 81
Qamrani She who shines like moonlight girl 71
Qanaat Patience girl 89
Qaniah Content with life girl 57
Qanna As calm as a lake girl 71
Qantara Small bridge girl 80
Qara A cute like a little cloud unisex 89
Qaraah Cloudlet girl 86
Qarasafahl A narrator of Hadith girl 50
Qareebah  A woman scholar who expresses poetry well girl 100
Qaribah Near; Name of a woman scholar girl 73
Qarsafah A narrator of Hadith girl 83
Qasam The person who takes oath in life unisex 67
Qaseema Beautiful woman; Distributor; Divider girl 89
Qasiba One who plays at a flute girl 65
Qasida Messenger girl 53
Qasima Beautiful woman; Distributor; Divider girl 81
Qasira A calm and patient woman girl 65
Qasoomah She is one who can shed light in life through poetry girl 90
Qatam The queen of a dear one girl 89
Qawaya The strong person by mind and heart girl 84
Qawiya A girl who is a brave fighter girl 67
Qaylah Companion of prophet Muhammad, One who speaks girl 91
Qaymayriyah  A student of Hadith is given this name girl 84
Qaynat She who can shine in the world girl 62
Qaysar A name of women girl 66
Qiana Gracious girl 86
Qianna Gracious girl 54
Qindeel Oil lamp; Light girl 57
Qiraat One who has practiced the Quran recitation girl 76