Indian Girl Names Starting With Z

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Zaaba A precious gem girl 68
Zaaei Name of a Flower in Marathi girl 90
Zaafira Victorious,successful girl 94
Zaafirah One who is victorious or successful girl 71
Zaahira Zaahira means a beautiful flower girl 53
Zaahirah An outstanding helper girl 57
Zaain Beauty; Friend; Beloved; Beautiful girl 80
Zaaminah Surety girl 70
Zaanjari Anklets, Ornament for leg girl 70
Zaara Brave girl 77
Zababa Leader; Head; Chief girl 95
Zabeen Fair and beautiful girl 83
Zabeth One who is pledged to God. girl 58
Zabia Female gazelle; Like deer girl 83
Zabita Administered, Controlled, Managed girl 52
Zabiyah She reported Hadith from the prophet (Pbuh) girl 61
Zabreen Dominant; Exalted; Upright girl 100
Zabya Zabya means a beautiful gazelle girl 52
Zacharee God is remembered girl 72
Zacharia The lord remembers unisex 75
Zachery The lord remembers unisex 62
Zachni Most Beautiful Dancer girl 68
Zackary The lord remembers unisex 70
Zackery The lord remembers unisex 65
Zada The lucky one girl 95
Zaeemah An extraordinary leader girl 80
Zafaa Growth girl 86
Zafana Light girl 72
Zafeera One who is a source of success; Triumphant girl 60
Zafeerah One who is firm girl 63
Zafina Victorious girl 74
Zafira Victorious; Successful; One who is a source of success; Triumphant girl 74
Zafirah Victorious,successful girl 65
Zafreen Victorious; Knowledgeable girl 100
Zaghlula Young pigeon girl 68
Zagorka One who lives in the mountains girl 64
Zahaa Zahaa is  the name of a girl meaning morning girl 68
Zahaan One who has great insight and perceptive girl 92
Zahab One who is precious and gifted girl 71
Zahabia One who is precious as  gold girl 55
Zahabiya A precious gem girl 64

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girl 53
Zahar Morning light girl 98
Zahara Flowering. girl 86
Zaharina The name is the Bulgarian feminine form of Zechariah, meaning the Lord has remembered. girl 78
Zaharinka A variant of Zaharina, meaning God remembers. girl 89
Zaharra White-skinned / flowerlike girl 51
Zahava Gold girl 53
Zahavah Golden girl 50
Zahbia Beautiful girl 89