Indian Unisex Names Starting With E

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Eabbe The name comes from the Hebrew word abbe meaning, "Father of extreme happiness" unisex 51
Easton A wholesome woman unisex 67
Eboni A dark beauty unisex 76
Ebony A dark beauty unisex 69
Edden Delightful , adornment unisex 51
Eded One who is full of ecstasy unisex 80
Efrain One who is fertile ; productive unisex 90
Ekampreet One who loves God  unisex 51
Ekundayo One who turns sorrows to joys unisex 70
Elsa Rescued by percival unisex 76
Elsie My god is a vow unisex 76
Elysia Sweetly blissful unisex 74
Ember A low- burning fire unisex 70
Emerald Green gemstone unisex 86
Emerson Son of emery unisex 83
Emil One who is eager ; an industrious man unisex 78
Emilio Industrious unisex 56
Emmerson Industrious ruler unisex 77
Emmery Home strength/ruler unisex 75
Emmett All-containing unisex 63
Ems One who is omnipresent unisex 60
Enrique The ruler of the estate unisex 67
Erich Brave ruler, Ever powerful unisex 61
Ericka A form of Eric; Meaning: Ever powerful, Brave Ruler unisex 64
Erik Eternal ruler unisex 91
Erika Ever the ruler unisex 83
Erinn Woman from ireland unisex 64
Ernesto Earnest unisex 68
Errin Woman from ireland unisex 62
Eryn From ireland unisex 50
Esmeralda Emerald unisex 78
Esperanza Hope unisex 99
Esteban One who is crowned in victory unisex 78
Estefani Crown unisex 74
Estefania Crown unisex 70
Estefany Crown unisex 76
Estelle Star unisex 95
Estevan Crown unisex 85
Etienne Crown unisex 57
Eugene A well- born man unisex 66
Eugenia A well- born woman unisex 87
Evann God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles unisex 68
Everett Strong as a wild boar unisex 55