Indian Unisex Names Starting With F

Name Meaning Gender đŸ’“Popular
Fabiola A bean unisex 93
Fadhili One who is compassionate to fellow beings unisex 99
Falak The heavens above unisex 87
Fallon A command woman unisex 97
Falon Leader unisex 80
Federico Peaceful ruler unisex 60
Felicia Happy unisex 50
Felipe One who loves horses unisex 64
Fenmore One who is loving by heart unisex 93
Fernanda Uncertain unisex 77
Ferron Baker unisex 87
Fiachra A raven who is a saint by mind unisex 68
Fidelity A man true to his family unisex 76
Finlay Fair warrior unisex 75
Finley Fair warrior unisex 91
Finn A fair-haired man unisex 60
Finnegan A fair- haired man unisex 63
Finnley Haired unisex 81
Finuala A just and fair person unisex 55
Fir It means a sharp weapon unisex 72
Firdausi A name blessed by heavenly bliss unisex 93
Fitin The clever witty person unisex 77
Flavie The one who is golden haired  unisex 62
Flinn The child of red haired family or man unisex 83
Flor Flower unisex 81
Flynn One who has a ruddy complexion unisex 63
Forest A wood- land dweller forrest unisex 78
Forrest A wood- land dweller forrest unisex 90
Francesca From france unisex 75
Francine From france unisex 53
Francisca From france unisex 53
Francisco From france unisex 96
Fred A peaceful ruler unisex 77
Freddie Peaceful ruler unisex 69
Freddy Peaceful ruler unisex 71
Frederick A peaceful ruler unisex 78
Fynn Fair unisex 100