Indian Unisex Names Starting With M

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Macca An old English name which represents the son of Mac unisex 52
Macey Little matthew unisex 76
Maci Weapon unisex 98
Macie Weapon unisex 96
Mack The son of mac unisex 62
Mackenzie Daughter of a wise leader ; a fiery woman ; one who is fair unisex 66
Macy One who wields a weapon unisex 74
Maddex Good ; generous unisex 75
Maddison Daughter of a mighty warrior unisex 97
Maddox The son of the benefactor unisex 95
Madhu honey, nectar unisex 78
Madhuchanda pleasing composition, honeymoon unisex 76
Madhur melodious unisex 75
Madisyn Variation: madison unisex 100
Maha maginificient, great unisex 85
Mahamaya Creator of great illusions unisex 78
Mahi the World, earth unisex 56
Maitreya friendly unisex 79
Makayla As the lord unisex 62
Makena Man of abundance unisex 98
Makenna Man of abundance unisex 89
Makok  The person who is from the town Makok in Thailand unisex 50
Malakai My messenger unisex 57
Malaki My messenger unisex 55
Malaya A Forest unisex 89
Malcolm Follower of st. columbus unisex 61
Malia Uncertain, maybe bitter unisex 57
Malikah Destined to be queen unisex 72
Malin Of magdala unisex 66
Mallory Luckless unisex 85
Mames A kind hearted person unisex 74
Manasarovar It indicates the Lake Manasarovar unisex 93
Manasie One who listens to his voice unisex 88
Manavdeep A humane person by mind and heart unisex 58
Mandakranta a Sanskrit metre unisex 77
Mandy She who must be unisex 54
Mani gem unisex 92
Manipura The place known for its special jewels unisex 84
Manjyot light of the mind unisex 80
Maol Servant of jesus unisex 83
Marcel The little warrior unisex 88
Marcell The little warrior unisex 95
Marcella Dedicated to mars , the god of war unisex 50
Marcello Little marcus unisex 68
Marcia From the god mars unisex 62
Margarita Pearl unisex 86
Margo Pearl unisex 86
Mariana Bitter , as in a bitterly unisex 73
Maricela Bitter unisex 69
Marie Bitter unisex 77