Indian Unisex Names Starting With N

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Na A successful woman ; the acquirer unisex 92
Naal It means a famous boy is born unisex 53
Nadine Hope unisex 57
Naje One who is safe unisex 74
Nakia Unconquered unisex 75
Nakita Unconquered unisex 61
Nakshatra star unisex 61
Nandanpreet A faithful son for his parents unisex 64
Nandedkar He who comes from Nanded city unisex 89
Nane A good natured person unisex 52
Naraiman As bright and innocent as a flower unisex 98
Narang The one who represents orange colour unisex 81
Nartan dance unisex 58
Nash At the ash tree unisex 87
Nataly Christ's birthday unisex 98
Nathanael Gift of god unisex 84
Navisha Lord Shiva unisex 83
Nay Highness and grace unisex 54
Nayeli I love you unisex 55
Neelam emerald unisex 100
Nehal rainy; handsome unisex 91
Nevaeh Child from heaven unisex 88
Nia Swahili: with purpose unisex 93
Nicco The victory of the people unisex 94
Nicholas Of the victorious people unisex 93
Nichole Variation: nichol unisex 63
Nickolas Of the victorious people unisex 52
Nico The victory of the people unisex 83
Nicola Of the victorious people unisex 79
Nicole Of the victorious people unisex 66
Nicolette The people's victory unisex 68
Nimat Blessings; Loans unisex 84
No Rest ; comfort unisex 93
Noa A peaceful wanderer unisex 76
Norah The shining light ; in mythology , helen was the most beautiful woman in the world unisex 75
Norma Thor mind unisex 54
Norman Thor mind unisex 97
Norris Northener unisex 75
Nova New unisex 95
Nyah Purpose unisex 100