Indian Unisex Names Starting With O

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Och The sparkle of the loved ones unisex 59
Octavia Eighth unisex 100
Octavio Eighth unisex 63
Octavius Eighth unisex 79
Odalis Wealth unisex 74
Odessa Filled with wrath unisex 59
Ola One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one’s ancestors unisex 90
Olee The remaining of the ancestors unisex 52
Olga Holy unisex 64
Olive Olive ; olive tree unisex 53
Opal A treasured jewel ; resembling the iridescent gemstone unisex 91
Ophelia One who offers help to others unisex 74
Orin A dark-haired beauty unisex 87
Orland Famous country unisex 78
Orlando Famous country unisex 72
Orleans Blessed with the gift of Gold. unisex 97
Orra Seacoast unisex 91
Orville From the gold town unisex 69
Oscar A spear of the gods / a friend of deer unisex 62
Oshee Divine unisex 55
Osvaldo Uncertain unisex 96
Otis One who hears well unisex 89
Ottis Wealthy son of otto unisex 76
Otto Wealth unisex 92