Indian Unisex Names Starting With P

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Pa Pa unisex 91
Pablo Small ; humble unisex 58
Padmahasta Name of Godess Lakshmi unisex 73
Padmal lotus unisex 69
Pahal facet, beginning initiative unisex 85
Paisley A tear drop pattern often printed on textiles unisex 67
Pakhi bird unisex 76
Palak eyelid unisex 82
Panini ancient Sanskrit grammarian unisex 67
Panna emerald unisex 58
Parinda The one who is sharp like a bird unisex 60
Pariss Woman of the city in france unisex 90
Parkker The guardian of a farm unisex 99
Parnal leafy unisex 52
Parris Woman of the city in france unisex 88
Parrker The caretaker of the animal park unisex 58
Pasi Bold as a leader unisex 79
Patrice A patrician unisex 60
Patt A noble- man ; patrician unisex 74
Paule Small; humble unisex 98
Paulina A small or humble man unisex 95
Pauline Small ; humble unisex 64
Pavaki Name of God Subramanyan unisex 50
Pavitra Pure unisex 82
Pavni Honey; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy unisex 70
Paxton From the peaceful town unisex 89
Pedro As solid and strong as a rock unisex 63
Peggy Pearl unisex 84
Penny Weaver ; duck unisex 81
Percy Pierce valley unisex 80
Perla Pearl unisex 63
Petra Stone unisex 93
Phoenix A dark red color ; in mythology , an immortal bird unisex 76
Phyllis Of the foliage ; in mythology , a girl who was turned into an almond tree unisex 54
Piki cuckoo unisex 96
Pival a tree unisex 66
Piyali a tree unisex 81
Porsha Pig unisex 84
Porter The door- keeper unisex 98
Portia Pig unisex 75
Prabhjot Lord's light unisex 54
Pragnya Scholar, Lord Hanuman unisex 64
Pranjal simple, straightforward unisex 76
Prashansa praise unisex 58
Precious One who is treasured unisex 52
Preet love unisex 91
Presley Priest's meadow unisex 95
Pressley Priest's meadow unisex 82
Prina Pleased unisex 97
Priyal Loving unisex 76