Indian Unisex Names Starting With R

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Rachelle Ewe unisex 76
Racquel The innocent lamb ; in the bible , jacob unisex 69
Rae A wise protector unisex 97
Raegan Born into royalty ; the little ruler unisex 78
Raffie One who is exalted unisex 73
Raja King unisex 61
Rajata sovereignty unisex 64
Rajul brilliant unisex 77
Ramaa Pleaser of the Lord unisex 68
Ramee A loving man unisex 51
Ramey A loving man unisex 84
Ramiro A famous counselor ; a great judge unisex 66
Ramona Wisely;Might Protector unisex 78
Ramra splendour unisex 52
Randolph The wolf shield unisex 57
Rangana to be coloured, dyed or painted unisex 63
Raquel The innocent lamb ; in the bible , jacob unisex 64
Rasheed Rightly guarded unisex 71
Rashmi Sun rays unisex 89
Rasna tongue, speech unisex 100
Raymond A wise protector unisex 56
Rayne Queen unisex 52
Rayshawn Born during the daylight unisex 56
Reagan Little king unisex 79
Rebeca To tie unisex 54
Reece Enthusiasm unisex 74
Reed Redheaded unisex 71
Reese Enthusiasm unisex 89
Reginald The king unisex 86
Reid A red- haired man ; one who lives near the reeds unisex 59
Reilly An outgoing man unisex 69
Remmington From the town of the raven unisex 97
Renae Reborn unisex 91
Renn Resembling a water lily unisex 59
Resham silk unisex 61
Reynaldo Ruler with counsel unisex 61
Rhiannon The great and sacred queen unisex 80
Rhonda Wielding a good spear unisex 52
Rhys Having great enthusiasm for life unisex 88
Ricardo Rich and powerful ruler unisex 74
Rico Rich and powerful ruler unisex 96
Rigoberto Bright wealth unisex 65
Rihanna Sweet basil unisex 76
Riley From the rye clearing ; a courageous woman unisex 91
Rilley From the rye clearing ; a courageous woman unisex 58
Rimple Soft; Gentle spirit with a profound spiritual nature unisex 96
Rio From the river unisex 99
Riti Motion unisex 91
River From the river unisex 58
Roberto Bright fame unisex 70