Names Of Allah

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Al-Adl The just boy 70
Al-Afu The forgiver boy 64
Al-Ahad The one boy 52
Al-Akhir The last boy 54
Al-Ali The highest boy 75
Al-Alim The knower of all boy 80
Al-Azim The magnificent boy 96
Al-Badi The originator boy 69
Al-Baith The resurrector boy 74
Al-Baqi The immutable; The infinite; The everlasting boy 95
Al-Bari The maker of order boy 100
Al-Barr The benign; The source of all-goodness boy 97
Al-Basir The seer of all boy 53
Al-Basit The reliever boy 83
Al-Batin The hidden one boy 80
Al-Fattah The Revealer, The Granter of Success boy 99
Al-Ghaffar The repeatedly forgiving boy 68
Al-Ghafur The much-forgiving boy 86
Al-Ghani The rich; The independent boy 52
Al-Hadi The guide; The way boy 62
Al-Hafiz The preserver boy 68
Al-Hakam The judge boy 55
Al-Halim The forebearing boy 55
Al-Hamid The praised one boy 89
Al-Hasib The Reckoner, The Accountant boy 91
Al-Hayy The ever-living boy 75
Al-Jabbar The irresistible; The compeller boy 59
Al-Jalil The majestic boy 96
Al-Jami The gatherer boy 98
Al-Kabir The great boy 83
Al-Karim The bountiful; The generous boy 57
Al-Khabir The all-aware boy 97

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boy 87
Al-Khaliq The creator boy 68
Al-Latif The subtle one boy 62
Al-Majid The all-glorious; The majestic boy 93
Al-Majíd The majestic one boy 88
Al-Malik The king boy 85
Al-Mani The preventer of harm boy 74
Al-Matin The firm; The steadfast boy 55
Al-Muakhkhir The delayer boy 50
Al-Mubdi The originator boy 62
Al-Mudhill The humiliator boy 99
Al-Mughni The enricher; The emancipator boy 93
Al-Muhaymin The protector boy 52
Al-Muhsi The appraiser boy 67
Al-Muid The restorer boy 88
Al-Muizz The bestower of honors boy 100
Al-Mujib The responsive; The answerer boy 62
Al-Mumit The bringer of death boy 80