Names Of God Kamdev

Names Of God Kamdev   Kama, also known as Kamadeva and Madana, is the Hindu god of love and desire, often portrayed alongside his consort, Rati.

  The Atharva Veda regards Kamadeva as the wielder of the creative power of the universe, also describing him to have been "born at first, him neither the gods nor the fathers ever equalled". He is described to be attended by the celestial nymphs of Hindu mythology, the apsaras, depicted as a youthful deity of blue or red skin, decked with ornaments and flowers, armed with a bow of sugarcane and shooting arrows of flowers.

  His most popular legend is his story of incineration by Shiva's third eye while the latter was meditating, later embodied on earth as the eldest son of Krishna and his chief consort Rukmini, Pradyumna. (source-wikipedia)

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Anang cupid or Kamadeva boy 99
Pushpaketu Kamdev, cupid boy 69
Ratheesh Kamdev or cupid boy 64
Rathish Kamdev or cupid, The God of Love Kaama boy 80
Ravinshu Kamdev (Cupid) boy 69