Names Of God Siva

Names Of God Siva   Shiva, also known as Mahadeva (The Great God), or Hara, is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being in Shaivism, one of the major traditions within Hinduism.

  Shiva is known as "The Destroyer" within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity which also includes Brahma and Vishnu. In the Shaivite tradition, Shiva is the Supreme Lord who creates, protects and transforms the universe. In the goddess-oriented Shakta tradition, the Supreme Goddess (Devi) is regarded as the energy and creative power (Shakti) and the equal complementary partner of Shiva. Shiva is one of the five equivalent deities in Panchayatana puja of the Smarta tradition of Hinduism. (source-wikipedia)

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aashutosh who is easily pleased boy 100
Acalesvara God of the immovable, Another name of Lord Shiva boy 62
Achintya inconceivable boy 50
Adiguru The first Guru boy 100
Adiyogi The first Yogi boy 92
Aja unborn unisex 71
Akshahantre Slayer of Aksha boy 58
Akshayaguna Of Limitless Attributes. Lord Shiva boy 99
Akul a name of Lord Shiva boy 99
Anant Drishti Of infinite vision boy 67
Anantadrishti Of infinite vision boy 83
Aniket Lord Shiva, wanderer boy 80
Anjaneya Lord Hanuman boy 57
Annuabhuj Lord Shiva boy 50
Anuraj Devoted, Enlightening, Brilliant boy 66
Arha Lord Shiva boy 100
Arihant destroyer of enemies boy 72
Ashutosh Lord Shiva boy 72
Augadh One who reveals all the time boy 54
Avyaya Prabhu Imperishable boy 99
Avyayaprabhu Imperishable Lord boy 67
Bajrangbali With strength of diamod boy 61
Batnasiddhikara Granter of Strength boy 77
Bhairav Lord Shiva boy 63
Bhakthavatsala Protector of Devotees boy 73
Bhalanetra One who has an eye in the forehead boy 74
Bhargav Lord Shiva boy 67
Bhav Name of God Siva boy 87
Bhavesh lord of the world boy 76
Bholenath The simple one boy 63
Bhooteshwara One who has mastery over the elements boy 93
Bhudeva Lord of the earth boy 55
Bhutapala Protector of the disembodied beings boy 90
Chandrapal Master of the moon boy 85
Chandraprakash One who has moon as a crest boy 90
Chandrashekar Name of God Siva boy 52
Chatresh Lord Shiva boy 79
Chaturbahave Four-armed boy 97
Chaturbahu Four Armed boy 55
Chiranjeevi Without death, Eternal Being boy 73
Chiranjeevini Immortal boy 78
Dakshesh name of Lord Shiva boy 74
Danta Calm, Lord Hanuman boy 66
Darpad Lord Shiva boy 98
Dashabahave Ten-armed boy 80
Dashagreevakulantaka Slayer of the ten-headed Ravana race boy 57
Dayalu The compassionate one boy 90
Deenabandhav Protector of the downtrodden boy 67
Devadeva Lord of All Lords boy 79
Devadi Deva The god of gods boy 84