Twin Boy-Girl Names

Boy Name Meaning Twin Girl Name Meaning Popularity
Abhay Fearless Abhaya Fearless 95
Abhaya Fearless Aabha Glow; Luster; Shine 72
Abhinay Abhinya 52
Abhir Abhira 99
Abish   Abisha The Lord is my father 45
Adarsh Ideal; The Sun; Principle; Belief; Excellence Aadarsha Idol; Mentor; With an ideology 73
Aidan Help; Intelligent Nadia The beginning; First; Black; Generous 94
Ajay Success; Unconquerable; Invincible Abha Glow; Luster; Shine 74
Akash The Sky; Open-mindedness Dhara Rain; Constant flow; One who holds; One who sustains; The Earth; Gold 54
Akshat One who cannot be injured; Rice offered to a deity in Hindu Pooja; Indestructible Akshata Rice; Immortal; Unscathed; Perfect; Untouched, i.e. divinity 75
Akshata Rice; Immortal; Unscathed; Perfect; Untouched, i.e. divinity Dakshata Skill 84
Akshay Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible Akshaya Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati 88
Akshu Eye Naina Name of a Goddess; Beautiful eyed 78
Alok Light; Brilliance; Vision Aloki Brightness 80
Amey Lord Ganesh; Free from error or deceit; Not cunning Ameya Boundless; Magnanimous; One who is beyond measure 100
Amit Infinite; Unique; Incomparable Lord; Indestructible; Imperishable; Great; Endless; Boundless Amita Limitless; Boundless; Unmeasurable; Infinite; Eternal 100
Amiy Amrut (Nectar) Amiya Nectar; Delight; Unfading; Ever bright 74
Amiy Amrut (Nectar) Ameya Boundless; Magnanimous; One who is beyond measure 68
Amol Priceless; Precious; Valuable Amolika Priceless 86
Amrit Nectar Amrita Immortality; Priceless 57
Anam Blessing; One who blesses Anamika Ring finger; Virtuous; Free of the limitations imposed by a name 55
Anirudh Boundless; Unstoppable; Victorious; Unopposed; An incarnation of Buddha and Vishnu Anuradha The 17th Nakshathra; A bright star 100
Anish A close friend; Good company; Smart one; Companion; Supreme; Another name for Krishna and Vishnu Anisha Close; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous; Without darkness; Light; Unceasing; Generous; Loyal; Close 40
Anit Joyful unending; Calmness; Leader; Artless; Simple Anita Who takes pleasure in new joys; Grace; Simple; Artless; Leader 45
Anuj Younger brother Anuja Continuous; Younger sister 68
Anupam Incomparable; Precious; Unique Anupama Incomparable; Precious; Unique 71
Arman Hope or desire; Army Man; Wish Armita Desire 52
Arpit To donate; To give or offer something; Offered; Dedicated Arpita Dedicate; Presenting; Offered 63
Arun The red glow of the rising Sun; Mythical charioteer of the Sun; Dawn; Passionate Aruna Dawn; Red; Passionate; Fertile 72
Arvind Lotus Arvinda Lotus 45
Aryan That Which Is Beyond Anyone's Strength Arya Honored; Noble; Goddess Parvati 66
Ayush Age; Man; Long lived; One with long life, Duration of life Ayushi One with long life; Long-lived 75
Ayush Age; Man; Long lived; One with long life, Duration of life Ayusha Life; Life span 90
Ayush Age; Man; Long lived; One with long life, Duration of life Ayushree Beautiful 43
Bargav Bargavi 80
Bhairav Formidable; Another name for Lord Shiva; One who vanquishes fear Bhairvi Goddess Parvati, Terror, The spouse of Bhairav, The form of Rudra in his aspect as a destroyer. It is a name of a lady-guru in tantrik Sadhana, The power to cause terror, A particular type of Durga; A girl of twelve years representing Durga's at Durga's festival; Name of a raaginee 45
Bhoomish King of the Earth Bhoomika Earth; Base; Introduction 79
Chand Sincere wish; The Moon; To shine Chandni A river; Moonlight 68
Chandan Sandalwood; Auspicious; Perfumed Chandini Moon light or a river; Star 94
Darshan Darshini 59
Deep A lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light Deepika A small lamp; Light 98
Deep A lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light Deepshikha Flame; Lamp 65
Deepak Lampe; Kindle; Brilliance Jyoti Flame; Lamp; Light; Brilliant; Passionate; Scared; Fire; Vitality dawn; Energy and intelligence; Dawn 84
Dev God; King; Light; Heavenly; Cloud Devyani Like a Goddess; Serving Gods; Chariot of the Gods; One invested with divine power 55
Dhruv Pole star; Immovable; Eternal; Firm; Steady Dhruvi Firm 89
Dileep Deepika 71
Gyan Knowledge Gyani Most Intelligent; Full of Knowledge; Intelligent 53
Hari Harita 61
Harish Haarika 45
Harpit Positive; Successful; A natural money maker Harpita Dedicated 67