Indian Boy Names Having Meaning Tree

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aaus Name of a tree boy 83
Absham A tree which has a scent boy 61
Afnan Branch of a tree in heaven boy 99
Alon Oak tree boy 81
Anoob Palm tree boy 59
Ashwarth Generation, Banyan tree boy 97
Ashwat Genration tree boy 88
Ashwath This is the tree where Buddha did meditate and gained lot of knowledge ... so it can also be considered as tree of knowledge, Banyan tree boy 58
Aws Name of a tree boy 76
Babul Father, Tree boy 96
Beceere He who lived beside the Beech tree boy 60
Bhadrashree Sandalwood Tree boy 51
Birch White; shining; birch tree boy 86
Blaze Flame; trail mark made on a tree boy 54
Bodish Buddhas tree boy 66
Burl Cup bearer; wine servant; knot in a tree boy 92
Burleigh Meadow with knotted tree trunks boy 67
Burnu A tree boy 84
Chinar Name of a beautiful tree boy 94
Daaruk charioteer of Krishna, tree boy 97
Daru Cedar tree boy 71
Daruk Charioteer of Lord Krishna, Tree boy 100
Daruka Deodar tree boy 87
Dawmah Type of palm tree boy 99
Dawmat Type of palm tree boy 70
Dekel Palm tree boy 70
Dharushan Branch of a tree boy 52
Erez Cedar tree boy 88
Gulmohar Red and yellow flowering tree boy 50
Harac It means oak tree boy 90
Harindra A tree boy 70
Iassen Ash tree boy 99
Kadamb name of a tree boy 83
Kaitak Comeing from the kerva tree, Tree boy 71
Kalpak A Heavenly tree boy 57
Kaneer As strong and stable as a tree boy 56
Lakesh Cinnamon tree boy 79
Lyndon Suggests linden tree hill. boy 71
Malayaj Sandal tree boy 56
Mandar a celestial tree boy 71
Maruthu The name of a tree ' Marutham' boy 53
Nishat A tree boy 90
Oran Pale one; pine ornice - cedar tree boy 100
Oren Pine Tree boy 81
Oron Pine Tree boy 88
Orren From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man boy 88
Orrick Old oak tree boy 52
Palash Tree boy 90
Palashranjan beautiful tree boy 70
Parijata Tarumoolastha dweller under the Parijata tree boy 58